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Premium Cannabis MCT Oil

Premium Cannabis MCT Oil

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The tincture consists of premium coconut-based MCT oil and a purified ethanolic hemp flavor extract.

Due to the improved manufacturing process, the hemp flavor extract is produced particularly gently and in pharmaceutical quality. In the process, a very large part of the natural terpenes and chlorophylls are preserved in the extract, resulting in a holistic and natural product.

As a dietary supplement, its main purpose is to accompany the body's natural processes that keep our health and well-being in balance.

MCT oil is tasteless, does not contain carbohydrates and is therefore ideally suited as part of a ketogenic diet.

  • Coconut-based vegetable oil, vegan and tasteless.
  • MCT fats are digested more easily than conventional fats
  • MCT fats are not deposited in fatty tissue
  • MCT fats are quickly converted into energy
  • Especially popular with athletes

The Premium MCT Oil with hemp flavor extract contains a CBD content of 5.35% due to the natural composition of the hemp plants used. Thus, each drop of the oil contains 1.5 mg CBD. The THC content is less than 0.2%.

Swiss Made

Our products are manufactured and developed in Switzerland. They stand for exclusivity and excellent quality.

GMP Cannabis Extracts

We use only selected cannabis plant parts for our products, which were grown according to GACP guidelines and beautifully for the environment. These are extracted according to GMP standards and contain all the natural components of the cannabis plant (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids). 

Tested Quality

All our products are regularly analyzed and tested by an accredited and independent Swiss laboratory. So you can start your day relaxed and safe.

Love & Sustainability

With our herbal natural, CBD and cannabis products, we want to help you achieve comprehensive well-being while lovingly using nature's resources. Getting healthy and staying healthy is what our heart beats for.

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Relax & Enjoy

You will find with us a wide range of products, years of experience and a lot of expertise in dealing with plants and active ingredients that invite you to enjoy and relax.

You have to do good to the body so that the soul feels like living in it.

  • The power of nature

    We combine natural products, good compatibility with high effectiveness and sustainable formulations.

  • 100% Natural & Vegan

    Pure and effective herbal health products for skin, body and mind from Swiss production.